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Guess real girls have some type of sensitivity I either lack or have not developed yet. I really wish I could do for her what Bonnie did for me. Another problem on porn videos a similar issue. I am not sure why, but xnxx videos I keep remembering the wicked witch's death scene in The Wizard of Oz whenever I see her upset like that. It is a creepy feeling. And it is so vividly clear in my mind, almost like I am actually watching the show on a TV in my head. I keep seeing https // the witch die, over and over again. I DON'T LIKE IT!! Okay, so I made that stupid crack about Salem the day after she Transformed me. I REGRET THAT, video xnxx OKAY???? It was a stupidly male comment intended to wound her and _I_ _DID_ _NOT_ _MEAN_ _IT!_ I just wish I could take back xnxx tv the words. Something else has changed, too, and it is *not* to my liking. I played chess today on the Internet, again. And I got CREAMED, again! My mind wanders so much now I can only keep two or three moves ahead. I know the correct moves to make. I proved that later when I reconstructed the games. I just lacked focus at the time I was playing. And I made a xnxx. couple of strange, really impulsive xnxx tamil moves in another game that, in the light of reconstructing the moves, were very weak. I know better. I am, or at least, Jack was, a much better chess player than this. The only game I seem to win consistently now is xnnn a "speed game", where thinking ahead time is limited. I seem to have an instinct for the game that does not work as well when xnxx india my opponent has www xnxx com time to plan moves ahead and can use it to control the game. I am not comfortable with this. I was never very good at the speed game before. The strength of my game was cold, rational, ruthless strategy. Now, it is like there is too much else in my skull. I cannot focus the way I used to focus. Tomorrow, I will talk xnxx. com to Mom about it. Hopefully, she might be able to help. End Journal Entry *************** Jacqui slipped down to the kitchen early the following day. xnxx movies Although not japan xnxx in her Mother's class when it came to cooking, sex videos she was pretty good for a teenage male. That meant she was probably adequate as a teenage xnxx bokep female. She set out to fix a special xnxx breakfast for her Mom. Shortly, the smell of coffee brought Laurie down to the table, xnxx japanese still sex yawning. "G'mornin'" xnxx porn she mumbled. "What are you doing up?" "Wanted to porno beat you down for a change mom xnxx and see if I can still make www xnxx a decent omelet." Jacqui grinned as she set a fluffy folded egg concoction and a cup of steaming coffee in front of her Mother. Laurie eased into the seat and xnxx porn took a sip of the coffee before tasting the egg. desi xnxx "Delicious." she proclaimed with her mouth full. She swallowed and then looked up at her daughter. "And why shouldn't it be xnxx barat wonderful? I taught Jack years sex video ago. Did you think being female would do something negative japan xnxx to your cooking talents?" xxx videos Jacqui laughed easily, surprising both women. "No, Mum. But some things have been. . . .changing." She hesitated, xnxx app not knowing how to ask the question. The part of her that was still Jack pressed the issue and forced her to confront it directly. "Mum, does being xnxx com female change something fundamental in my head? In my brain?" Laurie considered this for a long time. "I am not sure I know what you mean, dear. Are you xnxx having trouble with your school work?" Jacqui shook her head. "No, not trouble. Just something out of my experience. Like yesterday, I was playing chess at the park with one of the older folks who go there?" Laurie nodded her understanding. "Well, I got this wild notion to make this one particular move. It completely violated the strategy of the gambit I was trying to play, but the feeling was so . . . .demanding, I guess. Anyway, on a whim, I just did it. I expected to get clobbered but what actually happened was that the move totally disrupted the variation the other guy was trying to play and I won in four more moves. On the xxx other hand, I can't control a game like I could before. I xnnn xnxx porn tend to get. . . distracted." Jacqui xnxx jepang broke eye contact with Laurie as if that admission had somehow embarrassed her. She visibly gathered herself, returned her japanese xnxx gaze to her Mother and pressed on. xnxx indo "Another example is I can be alone in a room, working on my schoolwork, and my concentration will break because xnxx hd I will suddenly just *know* that someone is going to enter the site xnxx room in the next minute." Jacqui xnxx bokep frowned. "Heck, Mom, as xnxx vina garut Jack, a marching band could be in the room with me and I would not have noticed them. I used xnx to be able to just close out the world when I studied. Now, I can't." Laurie set down her cup xnxx barat and looked pensively at her daughter. "Sounds to me as if you are starting to develop a fairly strong intuition." Jacqui snorted derisively. "Intuition? As in women's intuition? Isn't that xnxx 2019 just a convenient myth?" So, Laurie thought with a rueful smile. Jack is still with us. It was to be expected. She'd only been female, what, xnxx asia two months? "Look at it this way, Jacqui. The ability to focus on a goal to the exclusion of sex anything else, or how did you put xxx videos it? xnxx hindi Oh, yes to close out the world." She grinned over her cup. "That is a very fine talent if your job is to go kill the mastodon and drag its wooly carcass sunny leone xnxx back to xnxx anime the cave. That is what men evolved to do. However, if your job is video porno to protect the family xvideos while said male is out stalking dinner, other and perhaps broader instincts might be the result of the natural selection process. Other input, that a man might not need video porno to process, that might only distract him at xxxx the critical point of the hunt, for a woman and her family xnxx download might be the difference between escaping and living, or staying xnxx porno put and dying. Darwin doesn't just make animals zoo xnxx bigger, stronger or faster, dear. Survival of the fittest means many things. For women it meant developing different talents and characteristics than it did for men." "So this is real? This is something you experienced? I'm not. ." and her voice trailed off, uncertainly. "Yes, it is real, and I did experience what you are describing, although I don't remember it being quite so upsetting to me. xnxx gay And you are not. . . WHAT?" Laurie infused the word with Motherly command. "I thought I was going a little crazy. What has been happening xnx made no sense. There was no data I xnxx sex could see, but I was just so. . .so sure." She flung her arms up in a sign of frustration. "You are not going crazy, dear. The data was there, just not evident to your "regular" senses. Intuition is very real, and if you must be so bloody analytical about it, I suspect that it uses peripheral senses. Like seeing something out of the corner of your eye. Your xnxn subconscious knows it is there, but it is not in the field of vision your conscious mind is analyzing. As a result of evolution, women can accept, process and act upon such data. Men xnxx download have not evolved that way." A relieved Jacqui began to work on her own meal. "So, I should learn to accept these feelings, and to act on them? Is that part xxnx of being xnxx. a female that I have to learn?" Laurie hid a grin. Everything still xvideo pointed to how to xvideo get to the goal of being a male again. How very masculine of you, dear daughter, she thought. Now was probably not the time to xxnx tell her daughter xnxx telugu that another element of her womanly heritage was a strong, almost psychic empathy that also fed that intuition. That did not fit into the "seeing out xnxx cina of the corner of your eye" model she had just sold the girl on. That might be more than Jacqui could assimilate videos xnxx in one sitting. Besides, if the other xnxx com/ explanation was sufficient to help her accept the evidence of her new perceptions, that was zoo xnxx more than enough for the moment. Laurie conspicuously stuck her tongue into her cheek. "Well, if xnxx indian you got a strong feeling to jump in the road in front of a car, I would hope xnxx 2019 you would be more rational about it than that." The answering grin from Jacqui was just what she had hoped for. Now, Laurie became serious once more. "On the other hand, I think you should regard xnxx desi these strong feelings as part of the way you now view the world. If it is safe to xxxx do so, experiment with them. If the feeling is recurring and strong, I would suggest japanese xnxx that it might be important." Jacqui frowned again and Laurie caught it. "You can always talk to me, luv, if you are bothered. I am a bit more comfortable with such things than you are just now. I might be able to help you." For a moment, Laurie thought the girl might want to say something, but in the end she just smiled. "It's probably nothing, Mom. Thanks for explaining things to me. It has helped." Excerpt from the Journal of Miss Jacqui Donovan 2 Months 14 days A. T. It has been almost a week since my talk with Mom about this blasted intuition thing. Well, mine has been driving me crazy, or if *it* hasn't, then I am simply going crazy all by myself. I am *dreaming* of that damned Witch in Oz, now. Every night for the past few days, I have come out xnxx sex videos of a sound sleep with the Witch's death scene playing in Technicolor on the backs of my eyelids. xnxx japanese Only thing is, this morning the scene changed - big time! Instead of the green faced actress melting, the witch was Mom, and instead of Dorothy holding the water pail, it was Jacqui. Me. Mom, this is getting *really* creepy, and I am getting *really* frightened. I can't do what Mom suggested. I xnxx sex can see how that conversation would go. "Hey, Mom, my intuition tells me I am going to kill you." Right. That ought to help xxnxx improve matters between us. So, what do I do? I wish I knew another one of her Witch buddies. I would really like a disinterested opinion on this. But I don't have one, and I am not comfortable with this intuition thing yet to decide what to do. So I have xvideos decided on a plan of action that ought to give me some more "hard" data. It took a while to figure this out, but everything keeps pointing back xnxx videos xxx videos to the scene in the movie. Whatever is xnxx app bothering me, must be xnxx vina garut there in that movie itself. xnxx .com Tonight, Bonnie is coming to stay the night https // again. Before she arrives, I am going to make time to watch the movie again. Maybe that will give me xnxx mom the clue I am missing. I think the old remote may get a real workout when Jacqui, I mean xnxx india Dorothy pitches that water pail. End porn videos Journal Entry. ***************** Jacqui crept out of bed at dawn. Bronwyn felt her leave, but the girl obviously wanted to be alone and decided it was xnxx/ best to let her. She was so tired, anyway. Jacqui had been restless the entire night. She'd xvideos gotten out of bed free porn several xnxx video times and paced about the room, or sat at her vanity. Whatever was bothering her had kept Bronwyn xnxx teen from getting much rest, either. She'd catch a few more winks before she had to suffer xnxx indonesia the torture of optics and wave theory later that morning. Laurie came down to xnxx indian find coffee made and her daughter sitting at the kitchen xnxx bokep table. "What's wrong, luv? Can't sleep?" One thing about her child had remained constant, Laurie mused, he *or* she would not miss a minutes sleep she did not have to miss. xxx video "No. Yes. Well, maybe." Laurie smiled xnxx .com at that. So familiar, she thought. "Mum? I have a question and I want an honest answer." Laurie went still. "I will not lie to you, Jacqui. I have already promised you that." "Not lying is not the same thing as telling the truth as I discovered a few xnxx cina months ago, Mum. I need the truth and the whole truth - nothing held vidio xnxx back. Your word, Mum, Please." "Very well, if you feel that my oath is necessary. I swear to tell xnxx korea the truth, the whole truth video porno and nothing but the truth. So be it." Laurie intoned, her hands open and in front of her. "I have been having those feelings we talked about again. Actually, I have been having them ever since that night that The Wizard of Oz was on television. I love that xnxx jav movie." "I know. I think we have three copies on video and you still never miss it on TV." The smile was soft, maternal and it made Jacqui's heart skip a beat. "Mum, when xnxx. com the Wicked Witch is killed, she says something about all her works being destroyed with xxnn her." xnxx download Laurie went xnnx stock still. Her empathy xxnxx cannot be that strong, she thought in dismay. Her daughter's xnxx selingkuh next words dashed that hope to bits. "Is that true? If a ... witch," she stumbled over the word, "dies, do the effects of her spells die xnxx porno with xnxx japan her?" vina garut xnxx Laurie wanted so badly to lie, but knew she could not. Moreover, she knew that Jacqui had seen the longing to evade that question in her eyes. Taking xnnx a deep breath, she tried to answer the question without giving herself away. "The effects of some simple spells do. Some spells are special spells, and those do not necessarily end with the death of the person who cast xvideo them." Jacqui heard the hesitancy in her Mother's voice and decided to ask the question she wanted answered xnxx video outright. "Will I turn back porno xnxx into Jack if you free porn die?" Laurie looked away, refusing to meet xnxx sex video xxx video her xnxx hindi daughter's gaze. "No, Jacqui. The spell is permanent unless and until someone specifically removes it." Jacqui pounced on it. "Someone! That is the first time you did not say that *I* had to break it. Just now, you said "someone else" had to do xnxx selingkuh it." Jacqui considered that. A flash of that intuition struck her. "The key is still your death, xnxx anime porn isn't it?" she said flatly. Defeated, Laurie nodded and explained the process in detail. Jacqui listened impassively throughout the entire monologue. When Laurie had finished, Jacqui sat staring into her coffee cup. "You should know, darling, that sex videos in the event I die before you have learned everything you must know to undo the Transformation, friends www xnxx of mine will then be able to do it for you. In fact, I have asked a special friend of mine to promise that she will see to it that your wishes are granted should I indo xnxx . sex video . . die." Fear clutched hard at xnxx com/ Jacqui's guts. She could not do this without Mom. There had been mornings where only the assurance xnxx cina of Mom being there had given her the courage to go on. She *had* to have Mom with her all the way through this. "You will give desi xnxx me another promise, Mother. You will do nothing to take your own xnxx jepang life, do you hear me?!!? Jacqui was screaming and she was shaking her Mother bodily with hands gripping the lapels of Laurie's robe. "You will live with this the same as I have to. You will do everything you can, short of harming one hair on your head, to help me, but don't you DARE do that vina garut xnxx to me. Don't you DARE take my Mother from me along from porn with everything else. Damn you, I LOVE you and I will live with almost anything except your blood on my hands." "You. . . you love me? xxn After. . . after.." The two women met in a fierce embrace. xnxx arab "Yes. After everything. It was Bonnie who first reminded me of that fact. It was the same weekend I saw the movie on TV, again. xnxx japanese I could not hear you through the hurt before. I know you thought this was for the best. At least, I knew that in here." and she touched her fingers to her forehead. xxx xnxx "But it took a while to accept it down here." She patted her breast. "I make you a wwwxnxx solemn promise, Mother. If you xnxx teen die before I am capable of making my own decision, and your friend comes to me? I swear that I will choose the option I want the least." xnxx telugu Eyes wide, Laurie sputtered. "That is a stupidly male reaction. Goddess, but you are just pigheaded enough to mean that." "You know it, so I guess you had better be very careful until I can manage xnxx video my sex video own Transformation and make my own decision." Sighing, Laurie nodded. "Okay. I promise." She lifted a sleeve to wipe away tears. Her daughter *loved* her. That was enough for now, and Laurie was wise enough not xnxx hot to press for more. "So, what do you want videos xnxx for breakfast?" "Oh, something light - fruit and toast? I have been informed that xxnn I eat a little too enthusiastically." she sniffed indignantly. "But I will get my revenge. Four hours of refraction, reflection and interference patterns ought to cross her eyes for her." Better you than me, Bronwyn, Laurie thought, and then shoo-ed her daughter off to wake her friend. ***************** Jacqui was in the library setting up for the day's study when Laurie got Bronwyn alone. "And she figured it out all by xnxx indo herself? I swear, Laurie, I said nothing to her. I did nothing to alert her." "I did not think you did, luv. I think, however, we may have seen the first inkling of deeper knowing and strong empathy xxx with her. And I think she is starting to read me like a book. Jack never could, but I think my daughter sees deeper." The disgusted look on her friend's face brought a chuckle to Bronwyn. "You had better be careful, Miss." Laurie snapped, peevishly. "She *might* start reading you!" "Ah, but unlike your own skills, deception is xnxx 2019 at the core of my talent, dear heart. She will have to become much more advanced and powerful to read past my shields. She just might, though. If she can put so little real information together and put you on the spot like that." Bronwyn just shook her head. "Good thing we only need to maintain this masquerade until she graduates." "Well, just be sure to be bokep xnxx very careful around me, Bron. If she reads me too well, she xnxx sex videos might pick up on you." "What a wonderful thought. Well, I am off to learn more about waves than I really care to know. See you at lunch." ********************* October turned into November into December, xxx video and things became easier between Jacqui and her Mother. Meals and quiet times were no longer the silent battlefields of dark looks, cold backs and pointed sniffs they had been shortly after the Transformation. Bonnie/Bronwyn was a frequent visitor and dinner guest. Study time they called it, Laurie snorted derisively to herself. Well, Jacqui was learning how to enjoy that body she now wore, and that was an important part of learning the master the Transformation Spell. She was also learning how to give as good as she got, if the goofy grins of utter satiation on Bronwyn's face when she stopped to say good bye were any indication. Jacqui tried out for and made the wwwxnxx girl's basketball team, xnxx indonesia although she was not a starter. Her strength and body control were simply not up to her (Jack's) previous standards. She was an adequate shooter and a determined, hard nosed defender, but her body just could not do what her mind "told" it to do. As a result, she tended to fall the floor or to trip over her own feet fairly regularly. In a year or two, she would have learned her new body well enough to be an excellent player again. Unfortunately, there just was not enough time for her body to relearn all that before the start of the season. Still, she played about fifteen of the forty eight minutes each game, usually as the second player off the bench. Both Laurie and Bronwyn were encouraged with the way the girl opened up with her teammates, and how they quickly integrated her into their after school activities. She wasn't "one of the girls", but she was "one of the team", and that helped her acclimate a bit more. Her grades continued to be among the best in the school, and she had been accepted at all of the colleges to which she had applied. Laurie japan xnxx had been porn xnxx surprised by Jacqui's decision to attend the local state college instead of heading off to one of the more prestigious science schools. Staying close to home made sense, though, since only Laurie could teach her daughter what she needed to know, what she still wanted to know. Sometimes Laurie still wished nxxn for the post-Transformation relationship she had indian xnxx enjoyed with her own Mother. The happy discoveries, the little victories over the unexpected pitfalls of being female, the shared laughter and the lovemaking were all things she was unable to share with her own daughter. Her daughter was attacking (that was the xnxx desi only word that fit) every xnxx sex video task Laurie set for her. Frankly, it was just a little scary how easily the girl had absorbed and stored away xnxx india large amounts of knowledge in that computer brain of hers. Laurie was particularly pleased with sex xnxx how well her daughter was picking up the fundamentals of Laurie's own specialty, the healing magic, although the girl did tend to forget to shield herself properly when she established a link. That was really not a xnxx asia problem when healing minor ills or when simply giving comfort, but xnxx asia it could be a huge problem if the hurt or www xnxx disease being dealt with was really xnxx hot serious. In mom xnxx that case, a failure to properly shield could be fatal for the healer. The healing link was almost like a sharing of life, and if the individual xnxx. com being healed was ill enough, he or she could xxn almost syphon life out of the healer. A healer had to learn to indo xnxx protect the vital inner core of their own life-power, or else both healer and patient might die. Laurie wondered if Jacqui's problem with shielding was that there was still so much "Jack" in Jacqui. Males rarely felt the need to protect themselves the way women often did. Laurie herself had learned the healing arts far later in her transition that Jacqui was learning them now. Was Laurie's own indo xnxx instinct for feminine-based self protection xnxxcom xxnxx more keenly developed because of that, or was she just more inclined that way than her daughter? She did not know, but hoped that Jacqui would start to remember to be more careful with herself in the future. Particularly with healing. Still, Laurie could not have hoped for a better, more motivated pupil. She just wished that what it was that motivated her daughter could have been different. So, things were definitely looking up, at least in Laurie's view, when one evening in early sex xnxx December, an angry an